National Judicial Office of Hungary / corporate image design

In the so-called developed Western world, goddess Justitia, known from the ancient mythology, personalizes justice.
In her hand, the goddess holds a scale in balance, which means the same rights of the parties in legal proceedings, and the fact that everyone is equal in terms of the law. This is a visual motif, with which most of the activities of the courts can be interpreted. Internationally, this is a main visual symbol in the images of courts one encounter with. For the above reason, it seems to be desirable to make this pattern appeared in the image of the Hungarian courts. The task was to formulate the core of this image design in a characteristic and unique way. So that, the final outcome, in addition to the message conveyor function of the symbol, ensures the differentiation needed for an easily identifiable branding.

The hexagonal shape in the nature may be observed in a crystal’s structure. It can be associated with the meanings of stability, regularity, transparency and cleanliness. The hexagon shape can be detected in many crests, and thanks to indirect associations, some heraldic motif can be seen. It is intended to show the authority of the court and the sentencing work. The enclosed motif of the scales symbolizes the Office’s independence. At the closure of court cases, sentencing is the final action when physically and symbolically the matter is a sealed. This is indicated by the appearance of the logo stamp imprints. Using the regular hexagon illustration as an image element, a uniform appearance and visual world can be created.