Hungarian Competition Authority / corporate image design

The basis of the visual image is that the economic role players are symbolized by raster dots as if they were pinned on a geographical map. The authority works within the country’s borders, coordinating the businesses in the domestic market: so that the geographical shape of Hungary can be recognized in the logo. Zooming into the dots, one will get to the symbol. Moreover, among the dots, an arrow pointed upright has been coloured in order to convey the main message of the office: the emerging economic competition as well as the development of economy as the objectives.

Having used the raster dot illustration during the construction of the visual image, a concept can be created in which not only may each economic role player be illustrated, but also a single and easily identifiable brand is provided. The clear image colours reflect the professional and social role of the authority, so in accordance with its prestige, they are not as vivid. A 107-page manual governs the rules of the Competition Authority ‘s principles in terms of format and content: the communication rules, the design elements, the design system, and the design standards. It is available as a paper book as well as an electronic data storage.